Project area is within the Sakarya Basin. It is placed nearly 1 km north of Taşkesti Town of Bolu City's Mudurnu District. In this project it was intended to lower the water, to be taken in from Göksu Regulator which will be constructed at the confluence of Karacasuyu with Mudurnu Stream, at the HEP to be constructed on the right bank after a 12.000 delivery canal. Facilities were proposed to generate electrical energy by lowering the water to be taken in from elevation 460.00 m from the regulator to be built at talveg elevation 463.00 m on Mudurnu Stream down to the plant to be constructed at talveg elevation 310.00 m. Göksu Regulator, 12.000 m long delivery canal, charging chamber, 750 m long forced pipe installed power is planned to be 16.94 MW and annual energy production 51.60 GWh/year.”

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